Randy Fleenor Announces Candidacy For Arizona’s LD9 Senate Seat

By: ADI News Services May 22, 2018

On Tuesday, Randy Fleenor, a well-respected business leader, announced he will file candidate papers to run as a write-in candidate for the Arizona Senate seat in LD 9.

Fleenor had planned to run for one of the two Arizona House seats as a Republican, but after careful consideration recognized that the Republican Party race needed a viable candidate to run for the Senate seat. Given that House Republican race had become crowded with three candidates vying for two seats, Fleenor hopes his decision will set an example for others as to what team work is all about.

“If anyone knows dirty politics, it is our National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who first asked me to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Steve Farley, running for governor,” said Fleenor. “I hope that my decision will serve as a stark contrast to those politicos who put their personal interests above those of our Party and community. It is never easy running as a write-in candidate, but it has been done before in Arizona and can be done again.”

With a degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University earned in 1985, Fleenor moved to Tucson and began his career with IBM where he continues with world-wide responsibility for the product line that first established IBM in Tucson nearly 40 years ago. Fleenor knows firsthand the issues facing both small and large businesses in Southern Arizona, as he also owns a family-owned insurance agency with wife, Debe.

Fleenor’s pro-education campaign will focus a common sense approaches to financial accountability and ensuring that spending is prioritized, without raising taxes.

As a proud parent of two grown children, Fleenor feels passionately about being a positive influence in the lives of the young people of Pima County. He wants to ensure that the diverse student body and businesses in LD-9 have an advocate at the State’s deliberations and decision-making to meet their current needs and their goals for the future.

“Pima County and LD-9 residents have suffered from single party rule in the minority long enough. The politically correct Progressive agenda has done nothing to advance our economy, create new jobs and improve quality of life,” stated Fleenor. “As a long-term Tucson resident, I want to represent the people of Southern Arizona in Phoenix and fight for financial accountability, promote conservative values and foster economic viability for all.”


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