About Randy

A community and local business leader focused
on economic growth, fair taxes and
financial accountability.

Randy Fleenor,

Republican Candidate

for Arizona Senate District 9

I am running for Arizona Senate in District 9 because I’m tired of standing on the sidelines complaining.  It’s time to make a difference and give District 9 a viable option to the liberal out-of-touch representation we currently have. We can do better!

A lot of thoughtful consideration has led up to my campaign for Arizona Senate in District 9.  Allow me to introduce myself and explain, who, what and why I am running and describe why this makes a difference for all of us in District 9.

Who I am: 

I have been married to my best friend, my wife, Debe Campos Fleenor, for nearly 35 years.  I am a proud parent of two grown children, who now live in New York.  I have extensive business experience with both large and small companies, as management and as a small business owner.

After earning my degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1985, I moved to Tucson and began my career at IBM.  My children were raised here, and I have deep roots in the greater Tucson community.

As an IBMer, I have world-wide responsibility for the product line that was first established when IBM opened a development facility here in Tucson nearly 40 years ago.  I also own a small insurance agency with my wife Debe.  I know firsthand the issues facing both small and large businesses.

What I support:

  • Lower Taxes: Rarely do tax increases help their designated purpose, just look at our roads.
  • Financial Accountability: Bureaucracy doesn’t get things done! We need accountability reform and an effective pay system for teachers.
  • Citizen Activism: It often takes an outsider to shake things up. We only get more of the same from electing the same old politicians.
  • Pro-Education: I am a product of public education and want to see our public schools succeed but we can’t continue to fund bureaucratic waste. Increased funding only comes with greater scrutiny to make sure the money goes into the classroom not to administrative bloat. School choice is also vital. It fosters much needed competition provides increased options for education. Education will prove to be THE issue in 2018!
  • 2nd Amendment: I’m a strong supporter of our right to bear arms.
  • National Security: We need to protect our borders
  • Pro-life: I am a strong believer that human life is sacred, the most fragile of which, is life yet in the womb.

Why it matters to you:

Pima county and District 9 have suffered from single party rule long enough.  The politically correct Progressive agenda has done nothing to advance our economy, create new jobs and improve quality of life.  As a long-term Tucson resident, I want to represent you in Phoenix to restore financial accountability, conservative values and economic viability to Southern Arizona.

We can and must do better! And it starts with better representation in Phoenix!

I can do that!

 I look forward to speaking with you and would deeply value your support to represent District 9.

Contact me at Fleenor4Senate@gmail.com